Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beginner's Resources

I've turned up some nice beginner's resources on Python:

Dive into Python is an online book teaching Python step by step, the way I like to approach things in my classes.

Python Tutorials for Kids 8+ also looks like it'll be very useful.

Invent You Own Computer Games with Python is a course using games as the draw. I've ordered a hardcopy of the book, and the book is available online for free. This makes it easy to afford using it in my classes (and students can't claim to have forgotten their textbook when it's online!) I'll be trying it out with my middle school classes this semester.

There are many other python resources out there. Add your favorites in the comments, please!


  1. to keep up with what's happening in Python land.


    Zed gives you code to type out and test, with study drills for each exercise and 52 exercises in total. I've enjoyed working through it so far. I also have picked up a couple of Raspberry Pi n00b magazines from the local paper shop that have short Python projects/tutorials. So far, so good.